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The Benefit of Prove It Forms:

  • Save costs. Reduced outlay on paper and filing. Also, faster working means greater efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Improve accuracy. Eliminate legibility problems by using pick lists, virtual keyboards and photographs or sketches.
  • Add traceability. Date ⁄ time stamping and geo-tagging entries means you know when and where the data entry was made.
  • Gain control. Only one version of each document available for use. Plus - entry fields can be mandatory.


Features of Prove It Forms

Complete form-filling and record-keeping using smart phones or tablets, wherever you normally do the work - in the office, the warehouse, the factory or in the middle of a field! You have full control - as many users as you need, as many forms as you need, as many records as you need - and each user can be restricted to the forms they need:

  1. Build forms on your PC using on-line software.
  2. We start you off with some forms and can produce more for you.
  3. Straightforward form building system - no steep learning curve!
  4. Works on iOS, Android and Blackberry - Windows Phone under development.